Eric Bowie

Hi, I’m Eric Bowie

I have managed federal government contracts for several federal agencies for over 12 years. I've spent the majority of those years as a warranted Contracting Officer.

I've completed over 40 contracting courses, and I've been the holder of a FAC-C Level III certification, a DAWIA Level II certification, a $10 million warrant, and an unlimited warrant.

I've worked very closely with small businesses over the years, and have worked tirelessly helping them understand how to become competitive in the federal contracting arena.

I've managed a wide variety of contract types for the federal government that range from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars.

I'm looking forward to helping you and your firm in a dedicated 60 minute coaching session! Please visit my personal professional Linkedin profile at:

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How to Do Business With the Federal Government

1-on-1, one full hour session. Get ALL of your questions, concerns, and clarifications answered. Leverage my 12 years as a contract specialist and warranted contracting officer to the benefit of your business. How to network, who to network with, where to network, how to pick up valuable free information, how to interpret the federal acquisition regulations, how to respond to solicitations, what questions you should be asking the government point of contact, how to handle and manage debriefings, how to structure a capabilities statement, the unwritten rules, performance issues, and much much more!! I can also walk you through the entire procurement process and help you understand it! It is a 1 hour session that is jam packed with valuable information!

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